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India is a place to travel for all seasons. India derives her roots from a rich past both culturally and historically. There are scores of existing locations for groups of any size: the elegant eternal city of Delhi, the medieval fairytale city of Jaipur, the Mughal city of Agra in which the sublime “Taj Mahal” is but one of the attractions; the Himalayan Garden of Eden called Kashmir and the palm fringed tropical seaside resorts of Goa , Kovalam and many more destinations. Spectacular landscape, wildlife, sun , sand and surf, great architecture, folk and classical dances, richness of music, festivities, attractive shopping are all at the disposal of the travelers. Above all the warmth and hospitality of Indian people is unparalleled, who will welcome you with warmth to their country, into their homes and into their hearts.   Side by side with the exotic India, where time seems to stand still, is the new India of bright, modern Five Star Hotels, gracious Palace Hotels, elegant ballrooms, gourmet restaurants featuring diverse cuisines and an efficient travel system to and within India. 

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One of the four celebrated religious centers of India, Puri, the abode of Lord Jagannath, is also a very popular beach resort. It is the headquarters of the distict Puri. The reigning deity of the city, Lord Jagannath, whose temple was built way back in the 12th century, is not only of great religious significance to the people of Orissa but is revered by thousands of pilgrims who seek His blessings from every part of the country. This intense veneration of Jagannath, or the Lord of the Universe, reaches its zenith during the annual rites of the Rath Yatra in the months of June July, when the images of Lord Jagannath, His sister Subhadra and brother Balbhadra are transported through the Grand Road (Bada Danda) of Puri in traditionally decorated massive chariots that are dragged by thousands of devotees to the Gundicha Ghar where they sojourn for a week. The process is repeated when they are returned amidst intense religious fervor to the temple. Though the temple is closed to non-Hindus, the activities of the Jagannath Temple are so immense that they create enough colour and interest for tourists to participate in the bazar element of the proceedings outside the temple precincts.


JAGANNATH TEMPLE:  Built during the 12th century AD, this is the talleJagannath templest temple (65 m) in Orissa. Within its precincts are the smaller temples of Vimala, Lakshmi, Vishnu and innumerable goods and goddesses and the Ananda Bazar, the world’s biggest food market. On the outskirts of the city is Sri Lokanath, an honoured shrine of Lord Shiva.

BADA DANDA : This is a shopper’s delight, offering typical Puri handicrafts. Atharnala Bridge near Puri spans seven centuries – built in the 13th century AD. This engineering marvel over the Madhupur stream is still in use.

CHILIKA LAKE : This is the largest lake of the country. Surrounded by natural beauty, this is a bird sanctuary of several types of migratory birds. One of the many rocky islands inside the lake is Kalijai, with a temple for  Goddess Kalijai. A Naval Training Centre is also situated here. One can view cavorting dolphins at the Chilika Lake.  

RAMACHANDI : This is beautiful picnic spot, on the banks of the river Kushabadra with a temple of Goddess Ramachandi.  


KONARKA (40 km) : This is the famous Sun Temple, the crowning glory of Orissan temple archKonark Templeitecture. Built in the 13th Century in Kalinga style, the entire temple was designed in the shape of a colossal chariot, carrying Sun God, Surya, pulled by seven horses.

KAKATPUR (40 km) : Situated on the Prachi valley, Kakatpur is famous  for the Temples of goddess Mangala and Banadurga.

RAGHURAJPUR (10 km) It is the artist's village famous for its Chitra paintings. The paintings are done on specially prepared cotton cloth which is coated with a mixture of gum and chalk and polished before natural colours are applied. The Patta Chitra art is originally inspired by religious themes as these Pattas were affixed to the sheltering screen behind whicPaintingsh Lord Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra rested.



» By Air - Nearest airport-Bhubaneshwar

» By Rail - Puri is well linked by super fast trains to Calcutta.

» By Road - Puri is approachable by road from Bhubaneshwar 62 kms. All weather motorable roads connect Puri to different parts of the state and that of the neighbouring States. Regular bus services operate between Puri and Calcutta, Raipur, Ranchi, Visakhapatnam and Durgapur .


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