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India is a place to travel for all seasons. India derives her roots from a rich past both culturally and historically. There are scores of existing locations for groups of any size: the elegant eternal city of Delhi, the medieval fairytale city of Jaipur, the Mughal city of Agra in which the sublime “Taj Mahal” is but one of the attractions; the Himalayan Garden of Eden called Kashmir and the palm fringed tropical seaside resorts of Goa , Kovalam and many more destinations. Spectacular landscape, wildlife, sun , sand and surf, great architecture, folk and classical dances, richness of music, festivities, attractive shopping are all at the disposal of the travelers. Above all the warmth and hospitality of Indian people is unparalleled, who will welcome you with warmth to their country, into their homes and into their hearts.   Side by side with the exotic India, where time seems to stand still, is the new India of bright, modern Five Star Hotels, gracious Palace Hotels, elegant ballrooms, gourmet restaurants featuring diverse cuisines and an efficient travel system to and within India. 

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Kolkata represents one of the four metropolitan cities of India. The city makes up the capital of the eastern state of India, West Bengal. The city, formerly designated as Calcutta, sway's rich cultural and demographic resources. The popularity of Kolkata, as one of the premier cities in India, reached its heights in the pre independence era. The city in a short span, about 400 years, has evolved into one of the major commercial areas and a great learning centre in the sub continent.  Kolkata city is situated on the west banks of Hooghly River, in the state of West Bengal. The city forms the eastern fringes of the state and lies close to the neighboring country, Bangladesh. The sea, Bay of Bengal, is not far from the place and is about 60 miles away. The approximate distance from other important cities of India are: Delhi - 1461 kms, Mumbai - 1987 kms, Chennai - 1676 kms, Hyderabad - 1576 kms, Jaipur 1472 kms, Agra - 1258 kms.



BBD Bagh - The BBD Bagh-Dalhousie stretch is two square Kms and is located in Central Kolkata. This historical stretch is replete with Raj-era buildings and the square has been listed by the World Monument Fund (WMF) as an endangered world heritage site. The best way to discover the colonial legacy of Dalhousie square is by walking through its crowded streets. Every edifice in Dalhousie square has history written all over. 

Preferred timing : 10 A.M.- 12 P.M. & 6P.M.-9 P.M.

Victoria Memorial - Victoria Memorial is one of the most fascinating landmarks of Kolkata. A visit to Victoria Memorial rekindles the opulent Raj era nostalgia. It is made of White Barble and there is a harmonious blend of European and Mughal architecture. Scholars and historians refer to Victoria Memorial as an unhappy attempt by the Britisher's to build a better Taj Mahal.Victoria memorial - Kolkata

Victoria Memorial has been built in a sprawling 26 hectares of land and a visit to Victoria Memorial is the best education one can possibly have of the British East India Company's rule in India. Here you will come face to face with miniature paintings and images of Queen Mary, King George V and Queen Victoria. What is more, you will be mesmerized by the three thousand five hundred articles associated with the everlasting memory of Queen Victoria. Through these articles one can get an idea of the life and times of Queen Victoria. Of special importance are the Queen's dresses, the famous Rosewood piano the Whispering Gallery in the dome and numerous artillery weapons used in the Battle of Plassey.

Marble Palace - The sheer grandeur of Marble Palace located at the busy Chorbagan area of Kolkata will mesmerize you. The palace was built by one of Bengal's richest landlord - Raja Rajendra Mullick Bahadur in 1830. A lot of thought and planning was involved as far as the architectural features of this strange but palatial edifice is concerned. Although, the Gothic style of architecture is predominMarble palace - Kolkataant, on careful observation, you will find that there is a harmonious blend of Roman, Greek and Oriental style of architecture, which are also prevalent in this palace of outstanding beauty and grandeur. 

Since the palace was built at a time when Kolkata was the capital of British India, it is but natural that the aristocratic Mullick family who built this wonderful palace had the tacit support of the local British administration. In fact, the name "Marble Palace" was given by Lord Minto, perhaps because of the fact that the entire palace was built using an astounding 126 varieties of marble procured from various parts of India. Many renowned architects, both Indian as well as Europeans were involved in designing this masterpiece. 

On the frontal façade of the palace is a beautifully landscaped lawn where you will find exquisite sculptures and statues of Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Christopher Columbus and Lord Buddha. The sculptures of lions are amazing and speak volumes about the quality of craftsmanship. 

Raj Bhawan - The majestic Raj Bhawan or Governor's House is the official residence of the Governor of West Bengal. This magnificent edifice, which was built by the Marquis of Wellesley and resembles to a great extent the famous Kendleston Hall in Britain. This palatial edifice is spread over a sprawling 27 acres of land. This eighteenth century edifice is one of the finest specimen of Victorian architectural grandeur. 

Raj Bhawan is not just another colonial left-over mansion of the erstwhile British East India Company. It is a significant estate of stupendous dimension, one which has housed the Governor Generals of the British East India Company. During the eighteenth century till the year 1911, when Kolkata was the capital of British East India Company, Raj Bhawan was the most exclusive address in the whole of India. It has housed twenty-three Governor Generals and Viceroys of the erstwhile British rulers. 


» Air : Most of the domestic airlines have direct services to and from Calcutta to other important cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna, Varanasi, Lucknow, etc.

» Rail : Trains from the other parts of the country connect Kolkata. City is also connected with the super fast trains. The city has two major railway stations, one at Howrah and the other at Sealdah.

» Road : Kolkata is connected with most of the Indian cities by road. The Esplanade Terminus in the heart of the city is the main bus terminus.




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