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India is a place to travel for all seasons. India derives her roots from a rich past both culturally and historically. There are scores of existing locations for groups of any size: the elegant eternal city of Delhi, the medieval fairytale city of Jaipur, the Mughal city of Agra in which the sublime “Taj Mahal” is but one of the attractions; the Himalayan Garden of Eden called Kashmir and the palm fringed tropical seaside resorts of Goa , Kovalam and many more destinations. Spectacular landscape, wildlife, sun , sand and surf, great architecture, folk and classical dances, richness of music, festivities, attractive shopping are all at the disposal of the travelers. Above all the warmth and hospitality of Indian people is unparalleled, who will welcome you with warmth to their country, into their homes and into their hearts.   Side by side with the exotic India, where time seems to stand still, is the new India of bright, modern Five Star Hotels, gracious Palace Hotels, elegant ballrooms, gourmet restaurants featuring diverse cuisines and an efficient travel system to and within India. 

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Nestling (at a height of 1200 mts) in the Aravalli range passing through Rajasthan, is Mt. Abu. This hill station is popular both with domestic and international visitors. The world famous Dilwara Temple are close by. Many legends talk about Mount abu, the most famous of these is about how Mount Abu derived its name. The Son of the Himalayas, Arbuda (abu is short) - a serpent, come down to this spot to rescue Nandi, the Wahan (Mount) of Lord Shiva. Hence the name.


Dilwara Jain Temples Dilwara Temples
The shrines, built between the 11th and 13th centuries AD, are famous for their rich intricate carvings in marble. It is indeed the most splendid dedication to the lain saints (Tirthankaras) and masterpieces of architecture. These magnificent marble temples are also noted for their intricate sculpture. 

Adhar Devi Temple 
The entire temple has been cut out from a single rock. A natural cleft in the rock leads to it and has been exquisitely carved. 
The temple has a flight of 200 steps and the destination offers a serene and rewarding view. 

Nakki Lake
Still green sheets of water studded with islets. Though an artificial lake, it is on the banks of and overbearing rock-the Toad Rock which resembles a frog ready to plunge down below. Motor boats and ordinary boats are available for a ride in the lake. 

Shri Raghunathji Temple 
It is said that the noted roving Hindu preacher Shri Ramanand installed the idol of Shri Raghunathji in the 14th century. 

Gaumukh Temple Gaumakh Temple
A rivulet that trickles out of the spout of a marble cow has earned this temple its name. Legend has it that four warrior clans of Rajputs were born here. Worth seeing is the marble image of Nandi the Bull, the mount of Shiva. Sunset Point Situated on the western outskirts of the city, the Sunset Point, as the name implies, is an ideal spot to watch the sun being gobbled by a sand horizon as if it were a melting disc. The sky lights up with crimson yellow. 

Honeymoon Point
The inhabitants of the township still remember it as 'Anadra Point'. It is at a tri-junction in north-west of a road leading from the Nakki Lake. It is a picturesque spot with a panoramic view of hills and plains. 


» By Air - The nearest airport is Udaipur, which is 185 km away from Mount Abu. There are direct flights to Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur.

» By Rail - Abu Road, 28 km from the main city is the nearest railway station. It is well connected by Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai and Jodhpur.

» By Road - Mount Abu is well connected by road with major cities of the country like Delhi, Ajmer, Bundi and Udaipur. Deluxe buses run by the Rajasthan roadways provide comfortable travel fro Jaipur and Abu road to Mount Abu.







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