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India is a place to travel for all seasons. India derives her roots from a rich past both culturally and historically. There are scores of existing locations for groups of any size: the elegant eternal city of Delhi, the medieval fairytale city of Jaipur, the Mughal city of Agra in which the sublime “Taj Mahal” is but one of the attractions; the Himalayan Garden of Eden called Kashmir and the palm fringed tropical seaside resorts of Goa , Kovalam and many more destinations. Spectacular landscape, wildlife, sun , sand and surf, great architecture, folk and classical dances, richness of music, festivities, attractive shopping are all at the disposal of the travelers. Above all the warmth and hospitality of Indian people is unparalleled, who will welcome you with warmth to their country, into their homes and into their hearts.   Side by side with the exotic India, where time seems to stand still, is the new India of bright, modern Five Star Hotels, gracious Palace Hotels, elegant ballrooms, gourmet restaurants featuring diverse cuisines and an efficient travel system to and within India. 

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Bangalore, the 'GARDEN CITY OF INDIA' and capital of the State (1000 m above sea level) was founded in) 537 AD by a Vijaynagar chief tan Kempe Gowda. The legend goes that the King Veera Ballala of Vijaynagara once lost his way while hunting in a forest. Hungry arid tired, he came upon a lone hut in the thick of forest where he met an old woman. When he asked for food she gave him some baked beans (Benda Kalu in Kannada). To the King this humble meal tasted better than those served in his palace. To commemorate the incident, he called the place 'BENDA KALU OORU' (place of baked beans) and this in time transformed into Bangalore. In the 18th century it was the stronghold of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan. Today it is the fifth largest city of India and country's main industrial city which includes industries like aircraft, telephones, electronics etc.


Lalbagh is a botanical garden, which is spread over 240 acres of land. This beautiful garden was laid by Hyder Ali in 1760 and later developed by Tipu Sultan. This garden was originally known as Lalbagh because the garden had a profusion of red roses. This garden houses over 1,800 species of rare herbs, plants and centuries-old trees. The garden is known for its exotic trees, lakes, lotus ponds, lawns and rare plants brought from abroad. A green house is also placed in the middle of the garden which has a collection of various kinds of flora. The Glass House is built on the lines of the Crystal Palace in London and is the main attraction of this huge park and also the venue of the colorful Flower Show. 

The Vidhan Saudha Vidhan Saudha
The Vidhan Saudha is a four storied building which was built after the India's independence. This magnificent building was conceived and executed by Chief Minister Kengal Hanumanthaiya in 1956. The Vidhan Saudha houses the State Legislative Assembly and part of the secretariat. This building is the combination of ancient and modern style of architecture and built in the neo-Dravidian style out of the Bangalore granite. The building is illuminated on Sunday evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Tipu's Palace

Tipu Sultan Fort was initially built by Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore. The fort was later extended by Tipu Sultan, the Emperor of Mysore. Situated near the City Market, the fort dates back to the year 1537. It was here that Hyder Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan, imprisoned David Baird, along Tipu's Palacewith a number of other army officers of the British. The Fort stands as a witness to the struggle of the Mysore Emperor against the British domination. Read on to know more about Tipu Sultan Fort and Palace of Bangalore, India.

On either side of the Palace are beautiful gardens, which lead to its main entrance. There are beautiful floral motifs embellishing the walls as well as the ceilings of the Tipu Sultan Palace in Bangalore.






Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills serves as the perfect weekend getaway for the Bangaloreans. Situated at a distance of approximately 65 km from the Bangalore city, this hill station was once the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan, the Emperor of Mysore, and later, the British. In fact, it was under the British rule only that Nandi Hills was developed as a popular hill station. After climbing somewhere around 1,175 steps, you reach this beautiful hill station. Given below is more information about the Nandi Hills near Bangalore, India.


Bannerghatta National parkNandi Hills

Bannerghatta National Park is situated at a distance of approximately 21 km from the Bangalore city of India. Situated amidst picturesque environs, the national park is well renowned for its lion and tiger safari. The other attractions of Bannerghatta National Park include its crocodile and snake farm. Bannerghatta National Park was established in the year 1971 and spreads over an area of 104 sq. km. Ten reserve forests of Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division come under this national park.


Whitefield Ashram

Whitefield is a suburb of Bangalore, situated at a distance of approximately 24 km from the heart of the city. The place is mainly known for housing the Brindavan Ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Inaugurated by Sai Baba on 25th June 1960, the ashram lies near the Whitefield Railway Station. Every year, in summers, Sri Sathya Sai Baba stays at the Whitefield Ashram near Bangalore for nearly three months. Given below is more information about the Brindavan Ashram in Whitefield, Bangalore. 



» Air :  There are number of daily flights to important cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai , and Ahmedabad.

» By Train: Bangalore has a large bus terminus, which is near the railway station. Major National Highways connects Bangalore to Chennai and Mumbai Other cities and towns of the state connected by road.

» By Road:
Bangalore City Railway Station is the main terminal in Bangalore. It is well connected to all major Indian cities. There are number of daily express trains from Bangalore to other cities of India. Bangalore is connected to all major Indian cities by rail.



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